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Last Updated: February 27, 2014
Losing weight is hard for everybody. Many men and women try time after time, only to fail miserably. They even end up gaining more weight. Some people just don't have the will power. Others worry if the diet is safe. There are people who think they have to exercise constantly to lose any weight. Still others worry that without enough support, they just won't be able to make it. Then there are those who lose a lot of weight, but put it all back on again in no time at all. And the number of diets that are available is overwhelming!

Well, your worries are over. We have researched all the diets that are out there, and we have come up with three diet programs that really do work. You can lose as much weight as you want. And you can lose it safely, without any worries about whether the food is healthy or not. You'll get all the nutrition you need, eat the foods you want, and stay motivated. You will feel proud of yourself when your friends and family complement you on how good you look. You'll smile when people at the office ask you "Have you lost weight?"

Our Choice  The Diet Solution

Rating 10/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

"A proven solution for real weight loss..."

Our choice for the best diet program out there is The Diet Solution Program, by Isabel De Los Rios. Isabel is a nutritionist certified by C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), an institute that conducts an extremely disciplined and rigorous training program before issuing any certification. More importantly, Isabel knows how hard it is to lose weight; she suffered for years with weight and skin blemish problems from improper diet. Obesity and diabetes ran in her family. So she went to work and created The Diet Solution Program, an easy, safe and fast diet plan where you can lose all the weight you want, and keep it off for good. Isabel has traveled all over the country, speaking about the Diet Solution.

The secret is in finding out what your metabolic type is. Everybody's metabolism is different. Foods that your body metabolizes into sugar are the culprits. The way your body converts what you eat into sugar is the key to Isabel's diet. Answer the questions on the metabolism quiz and you're on your way! By knowing how your metabolism works, you will know which foods to keep to a minimum, and which foods you can eat as much as you want. You don't have to worry about counting calories.

The program includes access to a members-only web site where you can find delicious recipes, shopping lists, newsletters with tips on exercise, keep a food journal, chat with other members, and even post questions you might have. Many members are surprised that De Los Rios sometimes answers their questions herself.

The Diet Solution Program was our #1 choice because the members we contacted were truly enthusiastic, they lost a lot of weight, and they liked the online motivation. Another plus is you prepare and cook the foods yourself; you don't have to purchase a program's prepared meals, so you'll save money. The benefits of this diet are:

  • Quick Results
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Tailored to Your Own Metabolism
  • No Calorie Counting
  • Keep the Weight Off

Bottomline: Personalized plan for your specific metabolism + quick results = Our #1 Recommendation

Rating 8.7/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

Highly Recommended

Venus Factor

Also highly recommended is the Venus Factor diet. Pioneered by John Barban, the Venus Factor can help you lose inches off your waistline by targeting the body fat that clings to your abdomen. You can realize your goal of having a flat belly! Realizing men and women are different, Venus Factor is a special program just for women. It is not just about the waistline, but the thighs and the rear end as well.

What is the Venus Factor? John Barban zeroes in on the hormone leptin. This amazing hormone controls your metabolism. When leptin doesn't function like it should, people gain weight. The result is weight gain and the inability to be healthy and fit.

The Venus Factor will show you how to normalize leptin levels. He shows you which food additives you must avoid, additives which are only making matters worse. Venus Factor also focuses on stress. Barban will show you how to manage stress. He offers lifestyle-changing tips to help you overcome the rigors of daily life. He also promotes exercises that focus on the whole body. And the Venus Factor shows you how to avoid compulsive snacking and middle-of-the night raids on the refrigerator. The Venus Factor program includes:

  • Fat Burning Workouts
  • Fat Burning Diet
  • Venus Factor Community Membership
  • Video Coaching

Rating 7.3/10

Fast Fat Loss
Easy to Use
Overall Results

Also Recommended

Truth About Abs

Mike Geary is a certified nutritionist and a certified personal trainer. He is also the author of the best-selling The Truth About Six Pack Abs. His program, Truth About Abs, will give you the six pack abs you could only have dreamed about until now. You can stroll down the beach and enjoy the stares of those who are watching you. Mike will show you the exercises that really work. No mindless, boring crunches or endless cardio exercises, but distinctive workouts that are truly effective, and that bring you to your goal of fitness. Don't waste money on the infomercial contraptions that promise a flatter stomach.

The Truth About Abs diet also teaches you about proper nutrition. Mike shows you which foods to avoid, and which foods to enjoy in abundance. He offers advice on how to prepare delicious meals that not only taste good, but are good for you too. Truth About Abs can clear all the confusion you had about exercise and nutrition. It offers:

  • Six Pack Abs
  • Whole Body Exercises
  • Foods That Burn Fat
  • Recipes For a Leaner Body

What now? We recommend The Diet Solution
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